Proudly supported by Central Queensland Pet Services is the very popular Dog Jumping event.

The Moura Coal and Country Festival Dog Jumping contest, is where man’s best friend’s agility is tested as they are encouraged by their owners to jump over a wall.

Dog Jumping is not to be missed – check out this family favourite on Saturday 20th from 2:00pm 


Registrations are taken on the day.

Registration is $10/ dog with cash prizes to be won for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Contact Information:

For more information please contact Dee Lack on 0407 618 891

Event Rules

  1. This competition is a test of the dog’s jumping ability.
  2. The competition is open to all dogs that are currently registered or classify as a ‘working dog’.
  3. Female bitches that are ‘on heat’ are not permitted to enter.
  4. Regulated (dangerous, menacing and restricted) dogs are prohibited from entering.
  5. The dog is permitted to jump onto, or over the jump.
  6. All dogs waiting to attempt a jump must be on a lead with a handler in the marshalling area behind the competition area.
  7. Only one dog may be loose in the competition area at any one time.
  8. Every dog must compete at every height, until unsuccessful and start together at the same height.
  9. Each dog is allowed a maximum of three attempts at each height, if necessary.
  10. Dogs shall be deemed to be unsuccessful if they fail to clear the jump by the 3rd attempt.
  11. There must be a handler at the top of the jump to act as a catcher if necessary, and a handler as a catcher at the bottom. The dog’s owner must supply the handler, and at least one of the handlers must be over the age of 18 years.
  12. Dogs can be encouraged over the jump by a handler, vocally or visually.
  13. Dogs cannot be assisted by either handler by pushing or pulling the lead or the dog.
  14. In the event of two dogs jumping the same height, the winner shall be determined as the dog that took the least number of attempts from previous jumps on count back.
  15. In the event of a dead heat, the prize money shall be shared evenly between all of the winners.
  16. A dog may compete on a loose lead or must be released at a minimum of three metres from the jump.
  17. Any mishandling or misuse of a dog will incur immediate disqualification.
  18. Any dogs that show aggression will be immediately disqualified.
  19. If in the opinion of the stewards a dog is unsafe to other competitors or the general public, it will be withdrawn from the competition.
  20. The maximum amount of time allowed for a dog to attempt the jump is 20 seconds from when the dog is called for its turn.
  21. Once the dog comes within three metres of the jump on any given turn, it will be considered an attempt at the jump, and counted as an attempt.
  22. Each owner must clean up after their dog and remove any excrement by disposing of it appropriately (bags and bins will be provided).
  23. Each Competitor must complete and sign the official Entry Form confirming they agree and understand that their dog/s have entered the competition at their own risk and that the conveners and/or their representatives accept no responsibility for any risk or injury, however caused; and the Moura Coal and Country Festival waiver form